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Before you file your claim call our Team.     We work for you.     Risk Free Consultation.


Our Team works for you.

 Don't let the Insurance company mismanage your claim. Wouldn't you rather start your claim with an Aggressive team on your side from the beginning? 

As your Public Adjusting Firm

We have over 25 years experience with Policy Knowledge, Construction and Claim Negotiations. That gives us the advantage needed to Maximize your Claim Settlement. 

As a Local homeowners ourselves

 we understand the fear and frustration when suffering property damage to your home. You just want to be treated fairly, repair your property and get back to your family life.

Don't allow the Insurance company to Mismanage your Claim and jeopardize you Full Fair Settlement.   Our expert are here to fight for you.   

Call us now. We are here for you.


What will we do for you?

A Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster will meet with you explain the process and evaluate the damage to your property.  We want you to understand the value of having us on your team.  Our Experts will Inspect, Estimate and Negotiate your claim.  We handle all the confusing paperwork, calls and meetings. This leaves you time to prepare and plan your repairs. Bringing your property back to its original state is the most important matter. No matter where you are in the claim process we can assist. Denied Claim? We got this! Under paid claim? Absolutely!

Here are few of the common Perils covered by most insurance policy's  Hire a Public Adjuster

*Water damage* Fire damage*smoke damage*Mold remediation*Roof Leak

Flooding, Sewer Back-up, Roof Damage, Drywall Damage, Ceiling Damage, AC Leaks,  Lighting, Water Heater Leak, Theft, Vandalism, Hurricane, Hail, Earthquake, Windstorm, Water Damage, Flood, Sink Hole, Riot. Wind Storm